For those individuals who suspect they may be experiencing hearing loss, we offer comprehensive evaluation services to determine the type, degree and cause of the hearing loss as well as a variety of treatment options. A hearing evaluation can precisely define the nature of your hearing loss and establish a treatment program appropriate for you.

After the evaluation is completed, Dr. Stakiw will review the results with you and answer any questions you or your significant other may have. At that time, recommendations will be made for managing your hearing loss. These recommendations will vary depending on your hearing loss and individual communication needs.

Rocky Mountain Audiology also performs Otoacoustic emission. This test does not require the patient to perform any task to obtain reliable and accurate hearing results. Hearing evaluations are available for all ages.

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A quick look in the ear.

The first thing Dr. Stakiw will do is take a look in your ear with an otoscope. This is done to examine the ear canal- the tunnel that leads from the outer ear to the eardrum. Inspection of the ear can provide a lot of information about your ear drum and the health and function of the middle ear.

Middle ear function.

Dr. Stakiw will test your middle ear function by using a tympanometer. Slight pressure will be put into the ear canal to determine the function of the ear drum, middle ear bones and Eustachian Tube.

The easiest test you will ever take!

A hearing test is quick, simple and painless! In most cases, the results are instant – you will learn immediately if you have a hearing problem and what steps you should take to improve your hearing. There are different testing methods, but most start with a health questionnaire about the health of your ear, general heath and your lifestyle. These questions will determine the cause and nature of your possible hearing loss.

Remember that you are in the hands of a professional, who wants to help improve your life. Do not hesitate to ask Dr. Stakiw any questions or concerns you may have.

The actual hearing test.

A hearing test evaluated your hearing sensitivity and is performed using an audiometer, which determines hearing at different frequencies or pitches.

Step by step:

  1. You will inside a sound treated rom with a set of insert phones in your ears.
  2. Your headphones are connected to the audiometer. The audiometer is calibrated to measure your hearing with precision.
  3. The audiometer will send various tones at multiple frequencies to one ear at a time, while Dr. Stakiw plots the loudness in decibels on the audiogram or graph.
  4. While you are listening to different tones, you will use the push button to signal when you hear the tone – no matter how quiet it is. Dr. Stakiw is looking for the softest levels at which you can hear the tones important for understanding speech. You may hear the same tone many times. Don’t worry- this is part of the test and ensures accurate results.
  5. Over the course of the test, Dr. Stakiw plots points on the graph that will explain your hearing in comparison to the normal range of hearing.
  6. The test will produce results in the form of a graph that shows your hearing loss in pitch and loudness. The results is referred to as your ‘threshold’. Normal hearing for adults is being able to hear sounds that are 20 dB or softer.
  7. Your evaluation will also include other tests such as speech audiometry. Dr. Stakiw will read lists of words to you through the headphones, and you will do your best to try and repeat the words. Do not worry if you miss any of the words. Just do the best you can.

Top 5 complaints related to hearing loss

  • I can hear you, but I don't understand you.
  • I am having trouble hearing the TV and on the telephone.
  • It's so embarrassing when I have to keep telling people to repeat themselves.
  • I feel like I'm missing parts of conversations.
  • I hate going to restaurants. I can never understand anyone at the table.

If you have one or more of these complaints, then you may have a hearing problem!

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A hearing evaluation is a 30 minute procedure that is recommended once a year or sooner if a change in your hearing is noted.

Dr. Daria always has the time to listen and the knowledge to help.

Susan, Edwards, CO
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