Common Myths

If I get hearing aids my hearing will be normal again?


We can fine tune hearing aids to compensate for many losses, but no hearing aid is able to restore your hearing to normal. With the new technology available, we are able to enhance your listening and understanding with the hearing you still have.

I have one "dead" ear, and nothing can be done to help me hear better?

There is a type of hearing aid called a CROS or BI-CROS! It picks up the sound on the side of your "dead" ear with a microphone and can wirelessly route it to your other ear, to give you the sensation that you're hearing sounds from that side! Additionally, there's also a surgical option, called a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) for single sided deafness.

I know I don't hear very well in one of my ears, but I'm pretty sure the other one is pretty good!

Unfortunately, nearly every patient who thinks they have one "bad" ear and one "good" ear usually has two bad ears. We often favor the ear we think is "good" and feel that it's the most normal. Most types of hearing loss affect both ears equally, with 90% of patients who have hearing loss needing hearing aids for both ears!

Hearing aids didn't work for a friend of mine, so they probably won't work for me...

Adjustment to hearing aids can take many months. Realistic expectations regarding your hearing aids are critical to your success. You must wear your hearing aids on a regular basis to allow your brain to adapt faster to the "new" world of sound and improve your ability to focus on speech. Keep in mind that you will be hearing sounds that you haven't heard for years. A positive attitude and willingness to give it a good "go" is the key to success.

My doctor told me that my hearing loss is a nerve loss and nothing can be done about it.

In the past many people with a high frequency hearing loss, or with sensorineural damage, have often been told by their family doctor that their type of hearing loss cannot be helped. This might have been true years ago, but with today's technology, nearly 95% of people with a sensorineural hearing loss CAN be helped with hearing aids.

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